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If you have any service related comments, questions or to schedule for service, call

(310) 695-0544

We are a County-Wide Waste Management Service, Helping city residents meet their residential and commercial waste management goals.

Learn how our waste removal services make Westwood a cleaner place for all.

Keep Calm! We are capable of
doing all the loading, sorting,
recycling, and disposal for you.

Regardless of the size, weight or complexity of
any project, Waste Services, Co. is here to help.

We provide a team of professional junk haulers to gather up and haul-away for donation, recycling or dumping all your unwanted junk.
Our haul-away service list for Westwood residents is very complete, safe and affordable, we will beat any small van/truck 800-junk haulers-
price by 25% or more! Our junk hauling trucks are double the size, yet our safety standards, process, and customer service are incomparable..
We remove all types of junk from inside or outside any property, we customize to any location where junk may be located,
whatever your junk removal project in Westwood might be, we can manage the junk for you! We are able to handle the
toughest, oddest junk removal projects, our full-service removal list is perfect for hands-free disposal of all junk and trash.
We provide the best complete removal process from arrival to disposal. Simply point to the junk you want gone, it's that simple.
We provide personalized service and affordable 3 yard dumpster rental. Contact us for quick quotes,
fast drop offs, and great prices. We offer 3 yard solid metal containers and a portable, reusable dumpster bag.
You fill it, we dump it. We are the best providers of 3 yard dumpster rental service, nobody does it better.!
We are the safeway in Westwood, contact us anytime to learn more about how our inclusive
clean-up service can customize to virtually any space location or trash type and quantity.
Waste Services, Co. is the go-to company for the safe clean-up and proper disposal of all types
of trash materials. We are top purveyors of clean-up services in Westwood, California.
Create a clutter free garage or property space, create an efficient home office,
improve your productivity and overall performance within an organized space.
We organize what you do want and need, and haul-away the rest for donation
or disposal. We can can help organize any property space.
We can help with any type of hoarding problem, you'll receive professional,
compassionate, respectful help from people who really understand the problem
and the emotional challenges that the de-cluttering process presents.
Our service list includes all landscape, brush clearing and removal for things such as small trees,
briers, brush piles, sod, any other undesirable undergrowth, can be very time consuming and
difficult. This is generally a task most people do not want to tackle on their own. Contact us
We provide demolition and disposal assistance on a light-duty scale, meaning the size of the demolition project
cannot exceed $500, this service is perfect for the quick demolition and disposal of small non-structural things
such as, but not limited to cabinets, vanities, flooring, drop ceilings, non-structual walls, carpeting, small decks,
sheds, play structures, flower beds, small fences, storage sheds, ports, trampolines, particle walls, ect.
We buy and offer on-site cash payments for junk cars, cash for clunkers, motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles, boats, buses, trucks,
running or not! We will show up able and ready to buy and tow away that old junk car from any location within your property.
Let us pick up your unwanted vehicle, we will buy and pay cash top dollar for your junk car! and tow it away the same day.
Junk Cars
Service 7 Days a Week | Proudly Serving Westwood, learn more about how our removal and disposal service can assist in getting rid of all junk
and trash materials, our removal process is equipment refined to achieve maximum safety and efficiency. The bottom line is that we can remove
any unwanted material in a safer, more professional service fashion, than any onther waste hauling company in Westwood 'guaranteed'.

Residential Services

Book a no-obligation appointment online or call (310) 695-0544. An all-inclusive quote is provided on site. If the price is OK, we clear it then and there. See how it works

Loving ones profession is not only or just a "rare-to-find-nice-to-have", no, it is essential for humanity to achieve a better alignment of research and innovation. Learn more

Our personnel experience, work equipment and process set us apart from the rest, but it is the quality of our customer service what makes us simply the Best! Read more

Our systems & processes allow us to acheive maximum efficiency & industry leading recycling rates. Find out more

Booking is easy! just let us know the date and time you are looking to schedule for (same-day appointments may be avilable), we'll call 1 hour prior to arrival to reconfirm and advise of team's proximity. Book now

Waste Services CompanyWestwood is a local-service provider of waste logistics with a reputation for the most comperhensive, reliable junk removal service and a taylored approach to waste materials disposal. Our reputation for service delivery excellence has been developed over time through hands-on experience in handling all types of rubbish materials and professional relations with first time customers and our network of residential clients.

Although best known for our big bright blue trucks, we provide Westwood residents with specialized haul-away, full-service junk removal and disposal services for their home, apartment or condo locations. We are able to handle anything from a single bulk item collection to the oddest of waste removal projects, our full-service removal list is perfect for hands-free disposal of all junk and non-toxic trash materials, we provide the safest cleanup i.e. removal process from start to sweep. Regardless of the size or complexity of the project, Waste Services, Co. is the best option to gather up, haul and dispose of it all. Simply point to the junk you want gone, it's that simple.

Waste Services, Co. can assist in getting rid of all junk and trash materials, our removal process is equipment refined to achieve maximum safety and efficiency. The bottom line is that Waste Services, Co. off will remove any undesired rubbish in a safer, more professional fashion, than any onther junk removal service operating in the city of Westwood 'guaranteed'. We are a local Westwood company (not a franchise or chain) that is keenly aware of our precious limited resources. It is with that thought in mind that we assure you that all the junk we collect is properly recycled and disposed. Same-Day service may be avilable to Westwood residents, no other local full-service trash company can beat our rates or match our service fashion. However large or small the amount of trash for disposal, Waste Services, Co. offers the safest, most professional removal process from start to sweep, without cutting safety corners, nobody does it faster or cheaper.

Climate Cicle

chkWe team with many charitable groups to ensure that up to 86%! of usable junk we collect is re-used or recycled.

chkWe can help with organizing your home, garage, or backyard, to bring simplicity and harmony to your property.

chkOur all inclusive rates are the lowest in town, but it is our safety and expert performance 'WHAT MAKES US #1.

chkWe provide the most alternatives, go with the know', get that disposal project done fast in a safe and professional manner. We purvey the most reasonable cost, safety mode and service schedules. Truly no project is to big or to small.

Why choose our company?

When you choose Waste Services, Co. your junk removal project to be done professionally! we ensure the best customer experience one job at a time. We will remove any and everything, from household clutter to industrial junk and everything in between. We pride ourselves on great customer service as well. With us you get top-notch service 100% of the time. We are always clean-cut, prompt and respectable. Waste Services, Co. also donates and/or recycles over 60% of the items we remove. Not everything is JUNK to us! We all have junk floating around our homes and offices. Whether it is the electronics that have long been outdated, the furniture that has been sitting in the basement for years, or the children's toys that they haven't played with in ages; no one is immune from junk. Not only does it take up a lot of prime space in our homes, it can also be a waste of time to sort through and to dispose of it properly. This is where Waste Services, Co. comes in handy. We are not afraid of hard work, or of the mountains of junk that may be in a persons home.

As a true Waste Services, Co., our goal is to provide the best junk removal service in Westwood, we've earned our name and reputation and will prove it to you; We are trustworthy and hard working. We don't cut corners to save a few bucks, we do our business by book procedures and do right to our customers. Whether you need residential or commercial junk removal, we are your go to junk removal company in the city of Westwood. Our company offers taylored solutions to all of your junk removal needs.

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